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Welcome Supportive Health
What are our credentials?
At Supportive Health, we have a team of experienced staff of health care professionals who specialize in the field of elderly care. Our Agency is licensed by the state of New Jersey
Why choose Supportive Health?
Staff: We have an excellent team of professional health care workers who care about their patients. Many of our staff have worked in various areas of health care and are sensitive to the needs of different cultures, customs and traditions. We at Supportive Health, generally employ staff who are attuned to the needs of individuals who require medical care at home.
Quality: While we offer many services, we also excel in the quality of care we provide. Our motto is patient comes first.
Service: We offer a 24/7 hour service to meet all your individual needs. We have staff on service that can cater to all your needs any time of the day
Technology: We use the latest technology to provide your loved one with the best care and assistance. All the vital signs and laboratory results are directly reported to your physician on a regular basis. These data are assessed and further care is immediately recommended. This saves you time and unnecessary trips to the physician’s office or the hospital.
Why Home Health Care?
Home health care is generally the patient’s and family’s first choice of care options. With the availability of different approaches to terminal care, there has been a growing awareness that home health care reduces stress and demands on family members or other personal caregivers. The most significant benefit of home health care is that the families and significant others can be taught to take over some basic and necessary nursing skills. This is particularly true when is comes to wound care, administration of medications and obtaining vital signs. A lot of research has shown that home health care significantly reduces the costs associated with long term nursing care or hospitalization. Home health care also reduces the stress and allows the family to spend more time with their loved one.

Millions of elderly prefer to be at home rather than go to a nursing home and we at Supportive Health, agree with that preference and practical approach. We at Supportive Health, provide the highest quality home health services for your loved ones. Our services are geared towards enhancing the ability of the individual to remain independent at home. We provide a one to one, 24/7 hour patient access to one of our nurses. We also have on staff a variety of other health care professionals including, therapists, social workers, skilled nurses and access to consulting physicians who will ensure that all your needs are met.
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